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Our clients rely upon us to successfully navigate the range of financial challenges they face.

Selecting the appropriate wealth management organization to serve you and your family in the coming years is among the most important decisions you can make. Over the years, we have found that the people who choose to work with North Fork Asset Management are seeking an intelligent approach, not formulaic precepts. Our clients desire customized, risk- appropriate investment portfolios and include a globally diverse clientele, whom we expect to remain our clients for the long term. Whether they are successful professionals, business owners, or entrepreneurs, many of our clients are first-generation wealth creators sharing several distinguishing attributes:

  • A deep appreciation for the hard work that creating their wealth entailed.
  • A goal to grow their wealth over time and to avoid permanent loss of capital.
  • An interest in ensuring the continuation of their family values to the next
    generation and the responsibility that comes with it.

If we serve you well our own success will follow.

We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of our clients. That’s why we’ve invested the time and resources into creating a business model and culture that puts our clients first. As our top priority, we strive to meet your need for objective guidance. We don’t get paid for generating trades and we have no undisclosed incentive to favor one product over another. Our advice is based on what makes the most sense for you, period.